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Snack smarter

Delicious plant-based snacks

produced with real cauliflower

Product origin : United Kingdom

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Low in
saturated fat

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Guilt free

Low in calorie


Our Cauliflower Crisps are multi award winning,  containing 40% of fresh cauliflower, supporting food waste by using the wonky veg so nothing goes to waste. Winning the 2023 Innovation Award.

Full products available:

Roasted Pulses and Corn

Pulses Chips

Premium Toasted Coconut Chips

Product range and it's description

Cauliflower Crisps Cheese & Caramelised Onion

Our Cheese & Caramelised Onion Cauliflower Crisps are made with 40% fresh cauliflower that is grown right here in Scotland. We take the wonky veg that may not be sold in supermarkets and turn it into light and delicious crisps that are lower in fat than traditional potato crisps. Perfect for popping into lunchboxes or enjoyed as a light afternoon snack!

Also available in KATSU CURRY.

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Roasted Pulses

Looking for healthy snacks that are tasty and high in fibre? Try our Roasted Pulses Variety Bundle. Our pulses are packed full of fibre to keep you feeling fuller for longer and come in our handy shot packs for healthy snacking on the move!


Hummus Chips - Lightly Salted

Super nutritious and full of plant-based protein, our Lightly Salted Hummus Chips are made from chickpea flour and seasoned with a touch of salt for the perfect savoury snack. They are 50% lower in fat than traditional potato-based crisps. Fantastic for lunch boxes, after dinner snacks or healthy snacking on the go!


Lentil Curls - Chilli & Lime

Snack smarter with our delicious plant-powered lentil curls. Made with 40% lentils these crisps not only taste delicious, but also provide 3g of plant protein to help keep you fuller for longer. Ideal for lunch boxes, after dinner snacks or healthy snacking on the go!

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Roasted Corn - Lightly Salted

We took premium corn, roasted it to perfection, and added a sprinkling of sea salt to create these crunchy, high-fibre snacks that are perfect for on the go!

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