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Making coffee fun

Our flavoured infused freeze dried instant coffee all about making coffee fun, convenient and healthy.

Flavoured NCC Rich Hazelnut Large.jpeg
Flavoured NCC French Vanilla Large.jpeg
Flavoured NCC Creamy Caramel Large.jpeg
Flavoured NCC Double Chocolate Large.jpeg
Flavoured Instant 50g Island Coconut Large.jpeg
Flavoured Instant 50g Chocolate Orange Large.jpeg
Flavoured Instant 50g Chocolate Chai Large.jpeg
Flavoured Instant 50g Cafe Amaretto Large.jpeg

Product origin : United Kingdom

100% Arabica

No added sugar

4 De-caffeinated

Flavoured Instant 50g Chocolate Chai Lar

Only 4 calories
per serving

Plastic free packaging

Chemical Free

We gently infuse the best Arabica coffee sourced with exciting flavours from ingredients we love. Indulge in your favourite Barista-style flavoured coffee at home without the fuss and without the calories.


No artificial flavours

Product range and it's description



We don’t mean to brag, but this IS the best flavoured instant coffee in town. Made using premium, smooth and rich Arabica beans, Little’s flavour infused instant coffee is vegan friendly, four calories a cup and contains no added sugar. Plus, it comes in fully recyclable glass jars, free from any plastic. Nailed it.



Flavoured decaf instant coffee without the compromise. This will be the best instant decaf coffee you’ll ever taste. We’ve gently removed the caffeine from high-quality Arabica coffee using the chemical-free CO2 process, which retains the coffee’s great natural taste, without the jitters. Winner. 



We’ve raised the game to end instant shame with the ultimate premium instant coffee. Our premium instants get you as close to a cup of specialty coffee as possible, without the faff and without the snobbery. We use single-origin Arabica beans from countries like Colombia and Ethiopia, that are expertly roasted and freeze dried to lock in the flavour.



Be your own barista. Take your coffee to the next level with Little’s Flavour Infused Nespresso®-compatible capsules. We’ve transformed some of your favourite flavours into fully recyclable flavoured coffee pods for your Nespresso® machine so you get coffee-shop quality coffee at the press of a button.



We flavour our ground coffee right here in Devon, using some of your favourite flavours. Our 100% Arabica beans are expertly roasted, ground and delicately flavoured to produce a silky-smooth taste and a banging cup of coffee every time.

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