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Product origin : Australia

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Brouhaha p1_edited.png

Gluten free

Brouhaha has grown to be much more - with award-winning brews. With that, Brouhaha embarked on its next journey. Descending from the mountains and landing itself closer to the ocean, Brouhaha Baringa opened its kegs to wider Queensland and Australia.

The expansion allows the team to realise their dreams of becoming nationally recognised, while continuing to provide an excellent local experience.

Product range and it's description

Brouhaha p1_edited.png

Strawberry Rhubarb Sour
Sweet strawberries dance with tart rhubarb like nobody's watching. Smooth, velvety. Words can't describe this unique love.

ABV 4.2%

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Coastal Mid

Like a tropical, hazy sunset. Citrus notes dancing off the tongue. Add a gentle bitterness and the experience is complete.

ABV 3.5%


Maleny Lager

We're known for being creative but with this classic Czech Pilsner, it's all about respecting tradition. Unfiltered. Balanced. Clean as a whistle.

ABV 4.5%


Hinterland Pale

AUS and NZ hops unite in a zesty, tropical nose. Add a sweet malt profile and bingo, a trans- Tasman triumph.

ABV 4.5%



Grounded by a malt backbone, this trio of American hops scream citrus and stone-fruit. Big. Juicy. So so drinkable.

ABV 6.2%


Milk Stout

A luxurious blend of coffee, dark chocolate and a hint of smokiness. This is a balanced, subtle stout that just works. Everywhere.

ABV 4.5%


Raspberry Saison

Born in a French farmhouse, local raspberries burst through this crisp, dry and slightly tart masterpiece.

ABV 5.9%


Imperial Strawberry Rhubarb Sour
Slip into your velour tracksuit, because this beer is pure silk. Strawberries and Rhubarb tear up the dance floor in this imperial take on our most popular beer.

ABV 8.0%


Life is Peachy Sour

Not quite a million peaches, but pretty damn close. Fresh-cut peach exudes from the glass. A fine bubble and beautiful white head complete this silky sweet sensation. In cans for the first time, this is a limited release and will not last long! 

ABV 5.0%

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New Farm Pear Sour

A magical blend of pear and ginger greet your nose before the gentle sourness prepares your palate for the next mouthful of heaven...

ABV 4.2%

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