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The art of chocolate

High-quality handcrafted chocolate 

Product origin : Australia

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Vegan options

Gluten free


Won the 2019 Small Business Award for Food & Agribusiness on the Sunshine Coast

Everyone needs dessert. We spend our days making sweets from natural ingredients. We use fats that are good for the body, like coconut cream and almond milk. We steer clear of additives that are hard to pronounce and even harder to digest. And we never add sugar to our recipes.

Product range and it's description


Delightful Turkish


Traditional Turkish delight on Fine European chocolate with roasted almonds & dried rose petals.

GLUTEN FREE  |  Milk chocolate 38%

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Caramelised Coconut Macnuts

Caramelised whole roasted Australian macadamia nuts covered in European milk chocolate with toasted coconut


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Salted Caramel



Fine European caramel chocolate sprinkled with golden fleur de sel.

GLUTEN FREE  |  Caramel chocolate 36%

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Gold Digger Honeycomb

Chunks of handcrafted Leatherwood honeycomb embedded in Fine European chocolate

GLUTEN FREE |  Milk chocolate 38%

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Caramelised Dark Macnuts

Caramelised whole roasted Australian macadamia nuts covered in European dark chocolate & dusted with cocoa powder.


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Raspberry Fever


Australian freeze-dried raspberries highlighted on Fine European chocolate.


GLUTEN FREE  |  VEGAN  |  Dark chocolate 52%


Orange & Almond


Orange segments, roasted almonds & caramelised cocoa nibs on Fine European chocolate

GLUTEN FREE  |  VEGAN  |  Dark chocolate 52%

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Fine European chocolate topped with Buderim Ginger, roasted macadamias & caramelised cocoa nibs


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Orange Blossom, Blueberry & Coconut Grazing


Orange infused white European chocolate with blueberries, orange & coconut.
Perfectly paired with grazes containing Nutty, Sweet or Creamy cheese.

Be the envy of all grazing platters and dubbed ‘the host with the most’ at your next soirée!

May contain traces of tree nuts. Contains lactose & soy. White chocolate 30%

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